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Sep 04 2010

Cravendale’s agency Life have created a loyalty scheme. Another non-mobile, non-accessible platform, created exclusively in Flash, the concept is simple enough. They collect your name and email address, and if you enter enough codes you get stuff like teapots, spoons, mugs etc. I think it could be a big success for Cravendale.

[update 17 Oct 2010] The ‘tell a friend’ email option is full of holes. All you have to do is fill this in with 3 email addresses for 3 bonus rewards. As far as I can tell, the email addresses aren’t even checked. They should at least have restricted this to friends that actually join the scheme and use it.

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  1. Not only are the codes difficult to read but thy print them on top of print on the other side of the lable.
    I use a magnifier and a strong light and still have problems. Viewing them from a angle with a strong light with white paper as a background helps. The code numbers and letters are then shown to be formed by silver dots.
    I wonder if Cravendale is wanting to limit the punters to those who have extra ordinary eyesight?

    Where can you view how many codes you have submitted and what there code numbers/letters are?

  2. frances morrison

    stillwaiting for mug on last order

  3. i didnt get all the things i sent for on the first campaign and when i tried to put some codes in it wouldnt let me and now the date has gone i wonder what will happen next time .

  4. I have tried for hours today to put my codes in, but it wouldn`t let me it said the line was off. I could get other parts of the internet so I presumed you have stopped it before the end of the day

  5. We have received our 3 cereal bowls we ordered. They are well worth waiting for and I hope the current products that we have ordered in Kitchen Collectables 2 are just as good value.
    You just have to be patient on the delivery. Everything comes to him who waits.

  6. Hi , as iam very new to all this computer systerm, i sure do need a bit of help, may or can some of you there help me or guide me the way to claim the Cravendale Kitchen Collectables Iterms.

    Many millions THANKYOU for those who Help.

    best Regards; H

  7. jenny williamson

    i have recieved al my rewards from cravendale bowls,teatowels from 1st time round and now collectin mugs, im hoping they com up with more when this one finishes.

  8. i have had every thing i have sent for and was quick to

  9. dowes anyone know does the website still work. I can call it up but then i can’t register or log in or click any of the tabls for FAQ terms and conditions etc

  10. Damn !!! i missed it – Cravendale were exposed on Watch Dog for the shamble of there reward scheme
    I hv recd my tea towels – i wrote to enquire where the remainder of my bowls & tumblers were – I was told they “should” arrive sometime August 2011 !!!! over 6 mths after redeeming my codes

    I can not believe they hv the front to launch a second rewards scheme when the 1st one has been such a disaster
    I think they should compensate all customers that hv had to wait months for there products

  11. I was also very disapointed, I also lost 28 points on the last promotion i had promised the granchildren the items they chose. i sent a email complaining but did not get reply
    i would like to order further items but is it worth it.

  12. I order items months ago and as yet have not received them

  13. Elizabeth Ramackers

    So far I have not recieved my mug from the first collection but I have got an expected delivery date some time in July! The tea towels I ordered have arrived and are very nice. As I waited until the end of the promotion last time I assumed it would be better to order thing as soon as I had sufficient labels for an item this time. I sent of for a sugar caddy weeks ago and have recieved nothing. I don’t know if its been sent to the wrong address, got lost in the post or has not yet been sent! Could someone please let me know before I send off again?

  14. Very please have received one latte cup, sent for a second which arrived broken, got in touch by e.mail and was told to send it back freepost to receive a replacement.

  15. Everything I have ordered has arrive so far and I have had answers to all the emails I have sent.

  16. recieved my tea towels, teapot & milk jug, just need to be patient. Can’t wait to order latte mugs from new tokens.

  17. I saved 28 tokens for the tea pot and sent in the order but it has NOT arrived. Phoned them and they said the it would be 60 days . The time has passed still no teapot.
    In the latest promotion i have saved and ordered the egg cup that has not arrived ether.
    I think we should get on to watchdog and expose this scam.

  18. disappointed that first rewards ran out before I could redeem them, takes a while to save them up. and am not able to use them off new rewards. Would be a nice gesture to forward me a free gift, really wanted another set of spoons, brill, or something for my collection, Thanking you.

  19. I have submitted codes that were apparently not acceptable last time and this time when they were perfectly legitimate. Hope this doesn’t happen again as I have received a couple of very nice mugs for the grandchildren and looking forward to maybe some bowls for their cereals.

  20. the company that are dealing with this promotion want “putting out to grass ” with the cows! I, after waiting months recieved a pirate spoon, which I had not ordered, then after collecting more tokens…..eventually a mug arrived …..broken!!!

  21. I also am disappointed that I didnt know when first offers ran out, as it takes quite a while to save vouchers, I am left with several codes, that cannot be used against the new offers, very disappointed, as I had enough for another set of spoons, which I promised to my niece, would be nice to receive a set with compliments, or issue me another gift, or vouchers etc. Thanking you. Miss Linda Bullock. P>S> not related to any of your cows.

  22. I got a lovely teapot and jugs i have more things to come some things
    will take sixty days .i am pleased to wait for them
    best wishes to you all

  23. I have only received part of the gifts that I ordered and have been awaiting for the rest ot the order which I am yet to receive……………..but when? Hope that you will send them onto me soon!! Not very happy with your co-ordination and hope that when I do send you my next lot of tokens, I will receive better service!!

  24. I admitted the necessary tokens for three mug in January but have not received the mugs. I have sent an E.mail asking when I might expect to receive these mugs but have not had a reply to my E.mail and I have tried to send another E.mail asking why but the E.mail is not being accepted.

  25. I think this is a real racket as I have been waiting months for items seht for and not only have items not arrived, but they have not had courtesy to tell me why, I think I will be informing trading standards,
    They need to be exposed.

  26. I have not yet recieved mug which i ordered in begining of jan 2011. Ordered tea-spoons end of jan 2011 which i have recieved begining of feb 2011. sent message but not able to reorder it.

  27. not recieved the mugs i ordered. yet they have set off another set of things to collect
    will try again .as i have time on my side

  28. Bonkers the lot o’ ye!

  29. This scheme has not been run properly as can be seen by all the complaints of people who have saved there points ; only to be told at the last minute .While I appreciate it is not run by cravendale it certainly needs looking at .We need to know at the begining when it is going to end

  30. I got an email from Cravendale today. They’ve been victims of their own success and are doing their best to fulfil orders; they’re also offering consumers the chance to swap orders to the new set of collectables.
    Dear Customer,

    Thanks for your Kitchen Collectables order.

    We’re really pleased that the scheme has been so popular, although we’ve had far more orders than expected with almost 50,000 orders in the final week!

    Due to this high demand, we’re currently replenishing stock. Please see below for order details.

    You’ll see that some of your Kitchen Collectables are eligible for exchange (highlighted in “Notes” section) due to the long wait. We’d like to offer you the chance to either wait for your original item or exchange it for one of our new Kitchen Collectables 2 rewards.

    You can choose from either an egg cup and spoon, latte cup or side plate from the new collection – take a look at the rewards at If you’d like to switch, please call us on 0161 214 8094 or email us at quoting your order reference number, by 25th February 2011.

    Items are first come first serve so make sure you let us know if you’d like to exchange your item by midnight on 25th February 2011.

    Once again we apologise for the inconvenience.

    Yours faithfully,

    The Cravendale Team

  31. It was plainly advertised on the bottles when the promotion was ending. I saved up enough points to send for one item at a time. No problems at all entering them on my computer. My teatowels and bowl arrived safely.My milk jug and another bowl are late being delivered but I did have an email telling me this and they sent me a free teaspoon as well without being prompted. I will definitely be saving for the Rewards Part 2 when they start in March.

  32. dear cravendale.just to say we all love your milk.we ordered the teapot &bowl in january but stll not heard any thing from you . my granddaugher cant wait yor them to come.please could you give me a time or date when they might arrive yours l hope

  33. Gday I tried to enter my collection of twenty codes for two tumblers on
    31st January which the system accepted, but found the follow up void.
    No address request, no send pocket to tick HELP!! I am only 81 years old
    and should know better

  34. I have quite a few labels to put in but cant use them now. You did not give any notice as to the changes . Feel quite let down . I have ordered quite a few things with the old labels, as family all use cravendale.

  35. I received this email from Cravendale today:
    Hi Customer

    Thanks for your Kitchen Collectables Bowl order. Due to an incident on the factory kiln caused by severe weather conditions, there is a delay on your bowl. We’ll be in touch to keep you updated on delivery, in the meantime apologies for your long wait.

    We’ll do everything we can to get your bowl delivered to you as soon as possible.

    If you have any queries, please contact us on 0161 214 8094 or email us at where we’ll be happy to help.

    Once again we apologise for your wait.

    Yours faithfully

    The Cravendale Team

  36. When is Cravendale going to ship rewards? I ordered a teapot before Christmas, initially received emails to say it was stuck in traffic, have since ordered other products and have been told they are stuck in traffic. This seems to be a huge own goal for Cravendale. Who remembers the product when the promises made are not fulfilled. If this offer is compared with other recent offers from grocery providers this is poor! If Cravendale is reading this forum, far from being a marketing coup it has turned into a cash cow for you and a marketing disaster for the consumer!

  37. I have 44 numbers from cravendale labels which are now not redeemable its the only milk I buy so I am disappointed that old labels are not usable I thought it a waste of time trying a few at a time so waited until it was worthwhile to no avail I did get a pair of T towels before but its annoying the old label numbers can,t be used for the new goods

  38. I totally agree. This is an insane ploy to dupe us into buying Cravendale on the promise of useful codes.
    It is appalling that they should cease a scheme without warning and previously collected rewards are useless.
    I will be switching to supermarket own pure milk in the future. Don’t just moan on here let your lack of buying Cravendale speak for you.

  39. can any one help ? I have collected rewards from cravendale milk, I wanted 3 breakfast bowls one for each of my grandchildren. The bowls are 10 rewards each and I needed 30 rewards for 3 bowls. I have collected 29 rewards and need one more. I thought I would get it when I did my shopping this week and buy my usual 4 bottles of cravendale milk. However the rewards are no longer on the bottles and I could not get the last reward. During the time of collecting I had one label I could not get entered on the sight, I could not tell if I was reading the numbers & letters correctly. I did send an e-mail advising of this but received no reply. Now I cannot get on the sight so cannot use any of the rewards I saved. Cravendale I love your milk but I am not happy with this outcome.

  40. Having read some of the more recent comments it would appear that you may be going down the road of losing customers. Think again and allow accumulated and pending points to be added. The alternative I suggest is that people will walk away from Cravendale.

  41. I am very disappointed as i have been saving up for the teapot and know i find out it was a waste of time collecting the points ,which they are still promoting on their product. As a gesture from Cravendale they should transfer the points people have collected and pass them on to the new scheme.People have shown loyalty to the company so they should show us the same.

  42. very disappointed went on websit to add my points so i could order something and they say it is closed and you cannot carry you points over i have been buying cravendale milk for quite a few year now this is disapointing and what a waist collecting the points

  43. lindsay betambeau

    Just went to put on my codes and found out site is shut and it says old points cannot be carried over. Why did u not say that this scheme was running out? I had quite a lot of points stashed and was only a few points away from placing my order.

  44. I have collected 24 labels and now find I am too late to redeem them. Is there any way that I can use them. I was going to collect beakers this time.

  45. We all love Cravendale Milk in our house. Cant wait to start again i just wish I had started sooner.


  47. Hi Marie, I’d love to be able to help but I’ve no way of finding this out. I suggest you contact Cravendale. The promotion ended today so I’m sure they’re busy completing everyone’s orders.

  48. im writting to say have not received my order which i put in sometime ago it was for 4 dishes and 4mugs can you let me know when they are comming thank you

  49. Doreen, it’s not my site.

  50. Cannot get onto your collectors site to add furthercodes

  51. Hi Wendy, I advise you to contact Cravendale. Paul

  52. My teapot has not yet arrived been on order over 6 weeks please advise

  53. I have not yet recieved my teapot please advise

  54. Sheila, these sort of codes are hard for me to read too. I expect they’re printed like that to prevent them showing up through the packaging, but I sympathise: there must be a better way to do it. I suggest you contact Cravendale with your comments. Paul

  55. Hi Judy, it’s not my system. The Cravendale site has nothing to do with me. Your best bet is to contact Cravendale with comments. Paul

  56. I buy no other milk 0nly Cravendale,elderly,not able to get out often.Have glaucoma in both eyes.and find the codes almost impossible to make out.It needs to be printed on a white background or in clearer print.I find I have to guess what some figures or letters are Very very frustrating

  57. i still have not received my tea towels ordered before christmas is there a problem and also difficult sending messages and codes is your system working

  58. I would like a jug or something I always buy cravendalebecause it stays fresh for longerand has a nicer taste

  59. I don’t know, Mary. Have you tried contacting Cravendale?

  60. I’ve got 17 codes now and have another six to enter but every time I put them in it’s coming up wrong code error, whats gone wrong I only need the teapot but at this rate will miss the deadline. Mary

  61. You should ask Cravendale, Susan.

  62. i am still waiting for my order 1 tea pot and 2 milk jugs whats happened to them will i get them

  63. Ordered more tea-towels last month,not arrived yet,please review.

    thank you

  64. Hi Lilian. Try

  65. Cannot find a way to get into register my numbers under what you say and no address to write to is this a real collectables or just another one of this con tricks to get you to buy the milk and by the way I have been having this milk for about 3 years now

  66. m y son daniel got me addicted to cravendale, he kept coming home with a bottle saying it was really creamy and different from other milks, initially i told him all milks the same, but he would,nt shut up about it , he won,t drink any other milk, he,s sixteen and at sports college so its a healthy option for him, he drinks about 2 pints of milk a day, i had a taste and immediately preffered it to other brands, they seem watery and bland, i drink the semi skimmed and you would not think it was semi skimmed as it is full of flavour rich to the taste, the kitchen collectables are an added bonus, daniel loves the cow and lthinks the tv adverts are great,

  67. Margaret Joan Jackson

    Great tasteing, keeps extremely well, longer than you say, will never go back to ordinary milk, bye for now, Joan.

  68. hi,i am usuing cravendale milk for my son and he is 1yearold and he like very much

  69. Registered for the collectables but wouldn’t accept the code from the back of the milk container label. It kept saying it was wrong and to try again. The code is TYY94XFX7RG. It accepted my other code – so I have 1 bottle point.

  70. I have difficult digesting other milks but no problem with semi skimmed cravendale it is great and keeps well even if you go away for a faw days.

  71. James McGhie-Purves

    Keeps fresh it seems forever

  72. P.A.Killingworth

    by the way love cravendale milk wouldnt buy any other milk its perfect and lasts longer and tastes great but please fix your web site

  73. Cravendale have a contact form at You’ll probably have to explain in more detail exactly what you’re seeing on the screen.

  74. P.A.Killingworth

    started saving cravendale rewards now can,t get website to work properly just goes crazy think it,s got mad cows can you help has i can,t get any new codes on to the site

  75. Debbie Wilkinson

    great milk for growing kids i love the milk

  76. cravendale milk is fresher than any other milk good length of date on it and fresher tasting just like milk should be.

  77. milk that matters/top of the milk taste ,all the way to the bottom .Top that for tasty goodness.xx

  78. kids love it good long sell by dates very creamy wont buy anthing else

  79. lovin cravendale!kids won’t drink anything else

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