Cravendale Rewards

Sep 04 2010

Cravendale’s agency Life have created a loyalty scheme. Another non-mobile, non-accessible platform, created exclusively in Flash, the concept is simple enough. They collect your name and email address, and if you enter enough codes you get stuff like teapots, spoons, mugs etc. I think it could be a big success for Cravendale.

[update 17 Oct 2010] The ‘tell a friend’ email option is full of holes. All you have to do is fill this in with 3 email addresses for 3 bonus rewards. As far as I can tell, the email addresses aren’t even checked. They should at least have restricted this to friends that actually join the scheme and use it.

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  1. Not only are the codes difficult to read but thy print them on top of print on the other side of the lable.
    I use a magnifier and a strong light and still have problems. Viewing them from a angle with a strong light with white paper as a background helps. The code numbers and letters are then shown to be formed by silver dots.
    I wonder if Cravendale is wanting to limit the punters to those who have extra ordinary eyesight?

    Where can you view how many codes you have submitted and what there code numbers/letters are?

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