Celebrities on Instagram

Aug 07 2011

Instagram is a great tool for famous people to reach out to their fans. Celebrities will drive the mass adoption of Instagram in the same way that they did for Twitter. So who is there, and how are they using it?

Selena Gomez on Instagram

Selena Gomez has tweeted about how she’s obsessed with Instagram, but it’s hard for her fans to follow her feed without an iPhone.

Justin Bieber on Instagram

When someone like Justin Bieber joins Instagram, you just know that this is a platform ready to explode. He’s posting intimate photos and comments from his everyday life, perfectly in keeping with his history of building his brand online.

Snoop Dogg on Instagram

Snoop Dogg shares a steady stream of photos on Instagram, giving a unique personal view to his fans.

Ryan Seacrest on Instagram

Ryan Seacrest mainly posts images of other celebrities that he meets during his workday, which makes for a glamorous looking set of photos. There’s very little insight into his personal life, but he’s doing this his way.

Jamie Oliver on Instagram

Jamie Oliver is building on his ‘your mate’ image and posting everyday images onto his Instagram profile. It makes him seem very accessible and down to earth. As a social media tactic it’s spot on. I very much doubt he’s got anyone advising him; he’s doing what comes naturally and he should keep doing it.

Tony Hawk on Instagram

Tony Hawk definitely ‘gets’ Instagram. He posts images about his day-to-day life, letting fans in up close.

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