Why I won’t be renewing MobileMe

Dec 31 2010

When the iPhone first came out, MobileMe was essential to squeeze as much functionality as possible from a device that was still very limited. But that’s not the case now:

  • MobileMe’s email service is pointless when Gmail is free.
  • For photos I’m enamoured with Google’s Picasa right now.
  • For contacts, well, I think there are plenty of options out there and simplicity is key. Duplication of contacts on the iPhone is a real problem for me, and cutting MobileMe out will be a relief, especially with the MobileMe Sync Conflict Resolver being so buggy and tiresome.
  • iDisk isn’t a patch on DropBox for Windows users
  • and the Personal Domain thing? That’s so 1999…
  • The last thing really is Find My iPhone, which is now free.

MobileMe has definitely run its course.

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  1. Hi Erin, Instagram is an iPhone app so you need an iPhone and the Instagram app to upload photos.


  2. http://web.stagram.com/
    is instagram online u can only check photos u cant upload pictures