Monologue Day 2018

Monologue Day 2018

When Paul McCartney proposed the idea of The Magical Mystery Tour, he thought that if he could get a bus full of interesting people, lots of drugs and some film cameras, he could create a film to rival Ken Kelsey’s legendary road trips across the US with The Merry Pranksters. It didn’t quite work out as interesting as he’d hoped, but what does it matter? A creative person has to experiment and push their own boundaries. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they fail, but they always learn something.

This was largely the idea with Monologue Day, though without the bus, and without the drugs.

It was a chance to re-connect with some of the actors I love from Scaffold State Theatre, to come together and create something.

Each actor received a video of their monologue, to do with as they choose. Some shared it on Facebook, some kept it private to add to their show reels, which is why I’m not sharing all of them.

Leo Acker generously gave us the use of his photographic studio for the day, and worked the lights, though his eyes were never far from my camera. Anna Cura Rodés controlled the boom mic, and Jo Corrigan volunteered as Assistant Director.

The actors were Nariman Youssef, Andrew Bowman, Clyde Ancarno, Helena Tang-Grosso, Ewelina Krzemień, Asia Prusiewicz, Reema Vedhara, Nathan Townsend and Jean-Frédéric Garcia.

Watch the Behind The Scenes film, and Asia’s monologue.

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