Diminished Reality

Diminished Reality

Back in 2010, I was thinking a lot about the naming of technologies, and how a person could conceptualise a new technology by looking at the opposite of something that exists already. Augmented Reality was a very popular concept in marketing back then, so I asked myself, “what’s the opposite of Augmented Reality?”. I decided it was “Diminished Reality”, named, really after the Diminished and Augmented chords in music composition.

I was surprised to find that DiminishedReality.com was available to buy, so I went ahead. I was a keen investor in domain names at the time. I literally bought it, installed WordPress and wrote an imaginary article about what the concept was, all in an hour before I went to work.

I sold the domain in 2018 for pretty much nothing because I wanted to streamline the things that have my attention, and after 8 years of paying renewal fees with not a hint of a buyer, it was just a liability. I still get a lot of sites linking here, and my original article has been referenced all over the web.

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