How to describe your business with a Brand Story

How to describe your business with a Brand Story

People are suspicious of the motives of any business. They already know that you’re trying to make money from them, so you have to keep telling them that there’s more to you than that. But is there?

We’re going to create a Brand Story about why your business exists. This will be useful every time you’re asked about your business.

Structure your story like this:

  1. What need or problem does your target customer have?
  2. Why do you care about that problem and why do you want to help?
  3. How will your product solve that problem?


My clients are usually terrified of public speaking, and it harms their career prospects, so they want to conquer their fear. I relate to this because I used to have panic attacks when I had to talk to large groups of people. My coaching takes people gently through a process which ends with a stand-up comedy routine in front of 50 strangers.

Print your Brand Story and put it on your wall as a constant reminder. Use it as inspiration whenever you have to talk about your business.

Photo by Clive Sherlock.


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