Attract Customers Now


Transform your wellness business into a loved, trusted and irreplaceable part of your customers’ lives.

What exactly is a brand (and what isn’t it) and how does it help (or hinder) a business?

Two hour brand workshop focused on Instagram.

How big businesses decide what images to use.

Mistakes solopreneurs make that destroy their credibility.

Discover your brand essence and the images to enhance it.



The truth is, in the wellness sector, it’s exhausting trying to be upbeat, inspiring and interesting all the time.

Sometimes you’re full of self-doubt because everyone ignores your business.

Sometimes you wonder if social media and blogging are ‘worth it’ because nobody follows you or likes your posts.

Sometimes you regret spending so much money on a website that gets you zero customer leads.

Sometimes you want to reduce your prices just to get clients, in the vain hope that they’ll stay when you raise them again.

Are you caught in The Invisibility Trap?

Are you trying to second guess what clients want to see on social media?
Are you stalking your competitors or market leaders to get ‘inspiration’ (but really you’re just copying them)?.
Are you trying to be ‘professional’, fit in, make everyone happy and not be controversial?
Are you thinking of spending money on SEO, Facebook ads or buying Instagram followers?

These feelings are normal. The hype around free online marketing is just that. Hype. There are no quick routes to success but there’s one thing you can do right now that will start to make a difference.

Your brand is your route to visibility and attraction

In this online workshop, we will go through a set of simple exercises that will establish the personality, values and behaviours that make up your own unique brand.

Once you know — and apply — your brand, clients will be more likely to take an interest in your business.

We’ll be answering questions like:

What does my business stand for in society?

If my business was a person, what kind of person would it be?

How should I present my business visually and behaviourally to the world?

You’re going to discover that the answers to these questions are hiding in plain sight.


I’ll show you an easy way to identify your target audience.

I’ll send you a personalised guide to the kind of brand-enforcing images you could be using on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and blog posts.

I’ll give you free membership of my private Facebook group where wellness solopreneurs get daily help building their businesses.

This workshop will change the way you think about your business. I’m so confident of this that I offer a full money back guarantee to anyone who asks for it.

One last thing

After this workshop you will know exactly what images to use in social media — images that enhance your brand and make you attractive to the specific audience that you’re targeting.

You will learn to apply the brand secrets that Gucci and Nike use, so that your business becomes impossible to copy.